TALK Derby

Inspiration, support and training - helping Derby's young
children to develop the speech, language and communication
skills they need for a happy and successful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take part in the TALK Derby training if we aren't from one of the eight priority areas?

There will be six themed training events that are available for all schools, settings and childminders in Derby. These will focus on evidence, identification and support for speech, language and communication skills. Do keep an eye open for further details.

The free training provided by Elklan and Better Communication is only available to schools, settings and childminders in the eight priority wards identified by the Opportunity Area for funding. These wards are Alvaston, Boulton, Abbey, Normanton, Derwent, Chaddesden, Arboretum and Sinfin. This training is focused specifically on the early years. 

Do we have to have a TALK Derby Champion?

If you are a school, setting or childminder within one of the eight priority wards of Abbey; Alvaston; Arboretum; Boulton; Chaddesden; Derwent; Normanton and Sinfin you will need to register ONE Champion in order to access the free support and training. To register a Champion, click here

What is the role of a TALK Derby Champion?

Click here to find out more about the role of a Champion.

How do I register to become a TALK Derby Champion?

To register, click here. Once you are logged in, you will be able to access a Champions’ Forum and information regarding Champions’ Network Meetings, as well as being able to be contacted with information about free support and training.

Who should we have as our TALK Derby Champion?

We are asking that each childminder and one nominated person within each early years setting and school in the eight priority wards becomes a TALK Derby Champion. 

TALK Derby Champions will be school/setting employees or childminders who are:

  • willing to learn and share information about the impact of communication and language skills on children’s outcomes.
  • willing to raise the profile of communication and language skills in your setting and its family community.
  • keen to develop good practice around supporting young children’s communication and language skills.
  • willing to share with your setting, and its family community, knowledge, opportunities, resources and good practice.
  • able to influence any other staff in your setting.
  • keen to enable access to support, training and development opportunities for your setting provided through TALK Derby.
  • able to monitor and evaluate children's progress and report to leadership.
  • able to learn and develop as a reflective practitioner.

Can we have more than one Champion per school/setting?

No, each school/setting in the eight priority wards can only register ONE Champion. You can nominate other appropriate people within your setting to access the FREE speech and language training and support. Childminders are automatically Champions and will need to register first.

Is it just the Champion who has to attend the Elklan or Balanced System® training?

No, any appropriate member of staff or volunteer within the schools or settings in the eight priority wards can attend the training.

How many people from each setting can we send to the training?

There is currently no restriction on the number of people from your eligible school or setting who can attend the free support and training. The training is currently available to all in the eight priority wards who will benefit.

Who do I contact if I want to know more or book on to the Balanced System®?

If you are in one of the eight priority wards and want to find out more about the Balanced System®, please click here or e-mail

Who do I contact if I want to know more or book on to the Elklan training?

If you are in one of the eight priority wards and want to find out more about Elklan training, please click here, email or call 01208 841450.

Do we have to pay for the training?

No, the training is completely free to all schools, settings and childminders in the eight priority wards.

Do we have to come to all training offered?

No, you can choose what you would like to get involved in and what would benefit you as an early years provider.

Can we claim staff cover costs?

In recognition that there are costs associated with attending training, TALK Derby has secured a maximum fund of £35,000 to support workers, volunteers and parents attending training provided by Elklan with some of these costs. Whilst we recognise the allowance will not pay for all supply cover costs where needed, the TAA aims to offer support towards them and/or other costs.

The training attendance allowance is payable to schools, early years settings, and childminders in the eight priority wards attending Elklan training. To receive the allowance, learners need to complete a claim form and return it to Hempsall’s.

The TAA is paid at an average rate of £30 per day, and is allocated per course, as described on the website. Eligible payments will be made directly to schools, settings or childminders within 28 days of the claim being authorised by Elklan.

How do I find out about the TALK Derby Champions' Network Meetings?

Click here and then click on the Champions’ Network Meetings button to find out more.

Please note: you will need to be from one of the eight priority areas and have registered as a Champion to login to access this information.

When are the Champions' Network Meetings?

Monday 20th May 2019
Wednesday 25th September 2019
Thursday 21st November 2019
Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Wednesday 10th June 2020

Information along with booking information will be circulated directly to providers in the eight priority wards prior to the Network Meetings.

How many people can we send to a Network Meeting?

Two. Your TALK Derby Champion plus one other.