Nursery introduces bedtime stories

Nursery introduces bedtime stories

Diamond Day Nursery in Alvaston has recently introduced bedtime reading sessions. The idea came to Lucy Brown, deputy manager and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) when she attended a similar event at her daughters’ school.

Lucy said: “As well as promoting speech and language, by encouraging parents and children to come to nursery in the evening in their pyjamas, I believe it offers parents the chance to interact and build relationships.”

Each story evening, all staff, parents and children arrive in their pyjamas and sit down to read in groups. After a break for hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits, they join together in a large group and a member of the nursery team reads to the whole group using a story sack.

The story sack uses props and movement to involved the children in the story. In this story, Owl Babies, the sack included owl masks and tree bark.

Lucy said one of the benefits of the session was to help build the relationships with the parents: “Children enjoy bringing their parents into nursery, showing them around and sharing what they’ve been up to.”

Although still in its early days, Lucy said you can see the benefits to the children: “They talk about it the next day at nursery and we’ve seen that it helps build interactions between parents and children.”

Danielle Mekni, one of the parents who attended said: “The event is a good idea to encourage parents to read to their children and to help build a routine. We always do bedtime reading as it’s very important, Samaya loves her Nursery rhymes at the moment.”

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