Magic Maths Gets Children Talking

Magic Maths Gets Children Talking

In November, Pear Tree Infant school held a Magic Maths Day.

This fun-filled day was aimed at encouraging the children to talk, listen and communicate with each other and the staff to solve maths-based problems. Each year group had a special set of challenges to solve either working with their maths buddy, as teams or as a class.

Mrs Bindy Suddhi, head teacher at Pear Tree Infants, explains the buddy system: “Maths buddies sees the children paired up to discuss and solve maths problems together. Usually a child more able at maths is paired with a less able child, and they talk through how to solve maths questions. As well as encouraging them to communicate, it helps them understand and retain the information better. “

The Magic Maths Day challenges included:

  • Eggs in space – in teams the children created spaceships to help their alien egg land safely and not break. The teams had access to a range of materials, including cardboard boxes and tubes and cotton wool to make a craft that would protect the precious cargo to land. The craft was then dropped from a height... not all the alien eggs made it!
  • Potion-making – the Foundation classes went outdoors to make potions following ingredient cards provided for them. With ingredients ranging from conkers to buttons. Each child had to add the correct number of each ingredient to make the potion – with the addition of water and mud being optional.
  • Teddy’s holiday – Teddy needed to pack his bag to go on holiday but needed different numbers of items to take with him. Using cards with the numbers of each item on them, the children found the correct numbers of items for Teddy. Unfortunately Teddy had only packed presents for two of his friends. The children found out he’d forgotten to get one for mouse!

Opportunities to read are always encouraged at Pear Tree Infants and so alongside the day’s maths activities, groups of children spent time with the Reading Rabbits… These lovely rabbits – Rosie and Rodrigues – hopped around, checking out the books and children as they read to them. 

Magic Maths Day shows perfectly how talking and communicating are crucial in all subjects – not just reading and writing. It also demonstrated how communication skills help children build confidence, relationships and learn how to work together. And most importantly, the children and staff had a great time.